you'll need Adobe Shockwave player to view the virtual gallery. there're two version; the light and full version, you need to download the full version. please read this documentation to install the proper plugin. after you download the plugin, run the setup file and follow its instruction.

note: this is just for illustration only and product might vary from the real one.

How to navigate

Left Mouse (hold)
rotating the view
keyboard "q"
pan camera up
keyboard "w"
pan camera down
keyboard "a"
pan camera left
keyboard "s"
pan camera right
keyboard "z"
zoom in
keyboard "x"
zoom out
keyboard "r"
reset camera

water tank (5500L)

note: optionally added hole vacuum usefull for circulate air inside tank. hole vacuum can be added at the side of the seal or any place at the top water tank.

top seal